Visonic Powermaster 33 Mobile App

Visonic Powermaster 33 Wireless Burglar Alarm With PSTN, IP Module And Free Mobile App

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Visonic Dummy Siren Box

Dummy Siren Box
Dummy Siren Box

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PowerMaster-33 G2 is a distributed wireless security, safety and control system. It is suitable for SME usage and for residential customers who want a concealed alarm system. It provides outstanding wireless functionality with all peripherals.

  •   PSTN Telecommunicating Alarm uses landline for calling you
  •   IP Module uses your broadband for remote app connectivity
  •   Separate control panel and keypad allows control panel to be hidden
  •   2 Zone Controllable 
  •   Panic Alarm 

i Smart Phone App for Remote Control

i Hidden Control Panel

i Stylish Wireless Keypad

i Telecommunicating alarm

PowerMaster-33 G2 is a distributed wireless security, safety and control system. It is suitable for SME usage and for residential customers who want a concealed alarm system. It provides outstanding wireless functionality with all peripherals.

PowerMaster-33 G2 utilizes Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology and a full two-way synchronized TDMA wireless network, for streamlined communication and improved channel efficiency. With a huge transmission range of 2000m (6500ft) line of sight*, it covers significantly larger premises than traditional systems, without repeaters.

Visonic PowerMaster-33 G2 Features:

  • Distributed panel that can be installed out of sight, controlled by wireless devices
  • Accommodates more than 120 wireless devices - Up to: 64 zones, 10 KP-250 PG2 keypads, 32 keyfobs, 8 sirens, 4 repeaters
  • 48 user codes
  • Supports partitions
  • Up to 48 hour back-up battery
  • Optional GSM/GPRS/IP modules
  • Extensive range of PowerG peripherals for every application
  • All devices are configured from the wireless keypad
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics with system status indications
  • SirenNet - Leverages smoke detector buzzers for all alarms
  • Communication is protected by the proven AES-128 encryption algorithm to protect against sophisticated intruders, "code grabbing" and message substitution
  • Remote software updates


  • 1 x Powermaster 33 G2 Control Panel
  • 1 x IP Communication Module
  • 1 x Wireless Keypad
  • 2 x Wireless Passive Detectors
  • 1 x Magnetic Door Contact
  • 1 x Wireless External Siren
  • 2 x Proximity tags
  • 10 Years Warranty with Maintenance/ 1 Year Warranty


Active Sirenbox
Dummy Sirenbox
Mobile Link
Panic Button
Remote Control
Self monitored
Zone Control
Fire Alarm
Pet friendly


  • All types of houses
  • Flats and Apartments
  • Small,medium,large offices


Yes you can, all our Visonic alarms are zone controllable. You can use them in the day when you go out and in the night when you sleep, where only part of the alarm will work. The idea is, you can get up and go to toilet without triggering your burglar alarm, but will go off if a burglar tries to break while you are in bed.
Yes it will. The Visonic Powermaster 33 alarm has a built in PSTN Dialler which uses your landline to dial upto 4 pre-programmed numbers including mobile numbers. You can also add a GSM Dialler, which allows a mobile phone card inserted to call the pre-programmed numbers of your choice.
Yes. The Visonic Powermaster 33 does have a Smartphone app, to use the mobile app you require a two way communicating alarm. All the Visonic Powermaster range alarms are two way communicating alarms. Also take a look at Risco Agility 3 range of alarms.
Yes, the Visonic Powermaster 33 supports an IP communicating module required for the camera feature to work. All the Visonic Powermaster range alarms support the IP communicating modules. Also take a look at Risco Agility 3 range of alarms.
Up to 4 pre-programmed numbers can be called including mobile numbers.
Visonic Powermaster 33 burglar alarm requires a landline connection and power supply for the control panel.
Yes, we have Pet friendly Visonic PIR Motion sensors that we would use where required. Visonic PET detectors can work with pet’s upto 35 kilograms in weight.
Visonic Burglar Alarms are British Standard alarms and comply with EN50131 standards. We are SSAIB registered and install British standard alarms to its highest configuration. A SSAIB certificate is available on request.
Yes the Visonic Alarms are fully compliant with most international standards and regulations including FCC, CE.
The Visonic Powermaster is different from the Visonic Powermax Complete as it is a two way communicating alarm allowing you to use the Mobile App features. It also has an IP module which allows the camera feature to work. The Visonic Powermaster is BS8243 compliant, can log upto 1000 events and has a battery life of upto 2-3 years.