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Visonic FAQ

What is the output of the wall-mounted siren in decibels?

The technical specification is 110 decibels.

How long will the siren sound for when the alarm is triggered?

The siren will sound when triggered for a pre-selected time of upto 15minutes, chosen by you. The system will automatically be re-armed again after this time period has elapsed.

Can I use more than one external siren on my Control-panel alarm?

It is possible to have two sirens, yes. . Separate sirens can be purchased by calling us on 0800 193 8727 or from our installers at the time of installation and ‘dummy’ boxes are also available..

How is the external siren powered?

The siren uses Lithium 3.6v Bell Box Battery.

How and when will I need to change the batteries in the siren?

Siren batteries should be refreshed every 3-4 years.

How many telephone numbers can be stored on the Visonic powermax control panel?

A maximum of four numbers can be stored.

I have a shed / garage, will I be able to use a detector in this location?

There will not be a problem in using a detector in this location provided its not faraway from the control panel.

I have pets at home. Is it likely they trigger my alarm, if so how can I overcome this problem?

You can use pet friendly sensors. Alternatively, a magnetic door contacts or curtain sensors could be used in place of a PIR for this purpose.

Why does the alarm not trigger when I walk in front of a PIR?

All Visonic PIR’s have a built-in 60 second sleep timer, to prolong the battery life. Arm your system before vacating all areas occupied by PIR detectors for a maximum period of 60 seconds, before re-entering the area and retesting. Please bear in mind, that faster reaction is obtained when movement is detected by walking across the field of view of a PIR lens, rather than simply standing in front of it.

What is the maximum movement detection range of a VisonicPIR?

The Visonic PIR’s will respond to movement of up to 15 metres away.

Should the red light flash on my PIR?

The red PIR lights will not always flash, to conserve the battery life. If you are in any doubt of the operation of a PIR, vacate the area for up to 60 seconds, and test using the ‘walk test’ facility.

Can I test my new alarm without irritating the neighbours?

The Visonic Powermax and all other visonic control-panel based systems has a useful ‘walk test’ feature. This allows radio range testing of the various devices, without having to audibly test your alarm so as not to cause nuisance to your neighbours.

Are all Visonic alarms completely wire-free?

All of the detectors are completely wire-free, For control panel mains wiring is required and telehone line is also needed.

I wish to expand my existing Visonic alarm. How many detectors can I use in total, and where can I purchase additional accessories from?

Visonic alarm systems will accommodate a maximum of 28 devices.

How often will I have to change the batteries in my alarm system?

Batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years. Each detector, siren, control panel will inform you when this is required.

I have a large household with many family members, young and old, entering and exiting the property at varying times of day. How can I overcome this?

It is recommended that several keyfobs or tags are programmed in. The individual members of the household can carry their own keyfob/tag around, allowing simple arming and disarming of the system as desired.