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If you already bought an alarm and is not sure if you can install it yourself, why don’t you get our specialist engineers to install them for you? Don’t worry, if you have already installed it partially or is having some programming problems, we can help. We can offer you a full installation visit or a programming visit for you. (Location restrictions apply)

Please fill in the form below if you wish to talk to our specialist installation team. 

Fast Alaram installation
Fast Alaram installation

£ 240.00 ONLY

Visonic Powermaster Installation Service Installation Services
Fast Alaram installation
Fast Alaram installation

£ 210.00 ONLY

Visonic Powermax Installation Service Installation Services
How it works ?
  • Select Your Installation Package
  • Select Add-ons To Be Installed
  • Pay For Your Order
  • Our Team Will Call You Within 2 Hours To Arrange Visit
  • Within 1-7 Days, Engineer Visit To Install Your Alarm