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Professional burglar alarms are packed with features and require professional training to program the alarm to get the most out of its features. Our fully trained professional engineers can fully pre- program your alarm to your requirements, saving you valuable time and effort. All you have to do is put the system up on the wall. All devices will be correctly labelled as requested and we can also program telecommunicating and app functionalities of your alarm. If you choose this option, once you place your order, we will ask you few questions and send the alarm fully programmed for you.

All the burglar alarms we offer can be pre-programmed for you inclusive of separate zoning and telephone and app programming. All additional accessories you purchase can also be programmed in to the alarm system.


Certainly. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to take these details from you.

Yes will. By default, your front door contact and your hall way sensor will be set up with a 30 second timer delay. If you wish to have a longer delay or have other sensors with different entry/ exit delays we can certainly do that too.

If the alarm you opted has this feature, certainly. Most systems we do these days have this feature anyway.

We will configure the alarm with app configuration using your email used for ordering the system, along with a temporary user name and password. This will allow you to change the password and pin number once the system is fitted for you.

  • Select Your Alarm System
  • Select Add-ons
  • Choose Pre-programming Option
  • Select Delivery Details
  • Pay For Your Alarm System
  • Tell Us How Your Alarm Should Be Programmed
  • We Will Deliver Your Alarm Fully Programmed Ready For Installation